Two indie rock musicians, Bill Lambusta and Brian Erickson, dive into the fandom of great rock and pop music and how it connects to their lives through the lens of the medium they care for most, the album. Episodes frequently include guest contributions from musicians, podcasters, and journalists and always culminate in a track by track review.

The Great Albums was launched in January 2015 when Bill and Brian decided to stop letting conversations about their favorite albums dissipate into the ether. Instead, they got together in Bill’s spare bedroom every week to record their thoughts and share their love of music with anyone else who loves albums. At first, they focused on their own favorites, but soon Bill and Brian started invited friends from the indie rock and podcasting communities to the show, having them share their own stories and insights about their favorites. A weekly bonus episode was also added to help expand each album's story and facilitate interaction with listeners, but it was discontinued in 2018 in favor of Liner Notes and High Fives episodes. After a few years and over 300 episodes, there's still a new album to discuss every week.


Bill Lambusta


Bill Lambusta is the co-host of the Great Albums podcast and the person assigned the unenviable task of recording, mixing, and editing all the audio on a weekly basis. He grew into his love of rock and pop music during his formative years as a chubby teen at the Jersey Shore. Eventually, he became a musician himself, playing guitar and bass on releases for local bands Scout, Small Planet Radio, Bootstrap Bandits, and the Paper Jets. Currently, Bill lives with his wife Maureen, the lovable basset hound Murray, and a demon of purr evil, Bam, in historic Roebling, NJ.

Brian Erickson

Brian is the co-host of the Great Albums podcast and our resident human encyclopedia for rock and pop music. As the proud owner of over 1000 compact discs, he is able to connect nearly any session musician, producer, or engineer with another artist in six degrees or less. Additionally, Brian previously fronted indie power pop outfit the Paper Jets. Active from 2008 until 2018, the band released 3 albums and an EP and embarked upon several tours covering the Great Lakes, the South, and the Northeast! He is currently working with his new band, the Extensions, recording new material and playing around the greater Jersey region. When not podcasting or serenading the audiences with his powerful tenor, Brian resides in a quiet suburban New Jersey hamlet with his cat, Bowie, and a rabbit.


Jeff Fiedler

Jeff is a contributing writer for theGreatAlbums.com blog and owner/founder of Aqualung Records. Born in upstate New York, he spent many years moving with his family to Texas, New Jersey, and finally settling in Pennsylvania, collecting a massive amount of vinyl that helped him start a thriving DJ business. Additionally, for many years, Jeff, with his brother, owned and operated one of the earliest Simpsons fan sites on the Internet. Jeff posts regular features “Albums from the Lost and Found” and “Discog Fever.”

Matt Warren

Matt Warren is a contributing writer for theGreatAlbums.com blog as a side gig while he works as the Digital Content Manager for filmindepenent.org. Matt lives and works in California. He writes the bi-weekly column “The Great (Live) Albums,” featuring a different album in each post.